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ARISTARHUS of SAMOS: & HIS HELIOCENTRIC SYSTEMARISTARHUS was certainly both a mathematician and astronomer and he is most celebrated as the first to propose a sun-centred universe. He is also famed for his pioneering attempt to determine the sizes and distances of the sun and moon.There was a time when people thought that the earth was the center of the universe. Although Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei got credit for this idea in the 1500’s, this theory was ACTUALY originated by the ANCIENT GREEK ASTRONOMER and MATHEMATICIAN known as ARISTARHUS of SAMOS. HERE`s MORE information about WHO was and his CONTRIBUTION to ASTRONOMY:Early Life of AristarchusAristarchus of Samos was born approximate 310 B.C in an area known as Samos, Greece. There are historical records that show his formal education took place in Alexandria. He eventually became head of the Greek educational system at Lyceum in Greece.Sun is at the CenterAristarchus is known for his revolutionary astronomical hypothesis. It was Aristarchus who initially put forth a theory of the Sun and not the Earth being the fixed center of the universe. It was his belief the earth and the other planets actually moved around the sun. Aristarchus also provided a theory on stars being distant suns. He claimed they did not move, and the universe was much larger than others could imagine.Inspired by Philolaus of CrotonAristarchus of Samos was inspired by the work of Philolaus of Croton, who put forth the idea that the cosmos existed because unlimited fire is found at the center of a cosmic sphere. This is the first person recognized as placing the other planets in their correct order as well as correct distance from the sun.Development of HypothesisThe written book “On the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon” is the only known work that Aristarchus wrote. When he had completed this, Aristarchus felt presenting it would have not have benefited him since it was a contradiction to the general consensus of the Greek scientific community. His book was based on the observations made during a lunar eclipse. He determined the Earth’s shadow was twice the diameter of the Moon’s shadow. Aristarchus did record the Sun and Moon being two degrees when measured for an angular diameter. He was also able to show the angular distance between the Moon and sun during the time of quarter moon as 87 degrees.Implications of this TheoryMany modern scientists believe the hypothesis put forth by Aristarchus had other interesting aspects to it beyond all the planets in the universe rotating around the sun. With the use of geometry, he determined the Sun may be as much as 20 times farther away from the earth than the moon. His figures were not as accurate as such calculations would be by future astronomers. Aristarchus did use a sound geometric method for his calculations. This was the correct way to make such a determination. It was using this method that made more sophisticated and accurate celestial calculations possible.Aristarchus of Samos died in circa 230 B.C. He is recognized by most astronomers as someone who was advanced in his thinking and ideas for the time when he lived. Aristarchus of Samos did not get much recognition during his life for his work but he did achieve credit later on.The GREEKS SHOULD NEVER LEARN that: DEMOCRITUS , PYTHAGORAS, HERACLEITOS completely formulated the theory of NUCLEAR PHYSICS and SPECIAL RELATIVITY, unifying into single MATHEMATICAL(, formulas, as ELECTRICITY, GRAVITY, MAGNETISM, ASTRONOMY, and the Weak Currents of NUCLEAR ATOMS.The Greeks MUST NEVER LEARN that: the ASTRONOMERS – MATHEMATICIANS: EUDOXUS, CALLIPOS , ARISTARCHOS, ANAXIMANDROS, EUKLIDES, ARCHIMEDES, CONON, HIPPARCHUS, CLEOMEDES, APOLLONIOS, PTOLEMY, THEON, HYPATIA, PAPPUS, had EXHAUSTED the LIMITS of human INTELLIGENCE by solving MENTALY WITHOUT GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION equations of 12 unknowns (twelve equations twelve unknowns) while the limit of today’s computers is “7 equations 7 unknowns”. Because the THIEVES of ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE, AS: – KEPLER, GALILEO, COPERNICUS etc. MUST be SHOWN!! …The GREEKS SHOULD NOT KNOW that: the ENGINEERS – TECHNICIANS: EUPALINOS, SOSTRATOS, HERON, ZOSIMOS, KALLINIKOS, manufactured TOPOGRAPHIC instruments for TRIGONOMETRIC SURVEYING, AUTOMATIC mechanisms and instruments for ELECTRICAL applications, because the SWINDLER EDISON MUST be SHOWN as the INVENTOR of … ELECTRICITY, ALTHOUGH the above GREEK ENGINEERS used the ELECTRON (AMBER) as a NATURAL ACCUMULATOR of STATIC ELECTRICITY in technical applications…The Greeks MUST NOT KNOW that: the GEOGRAPHERS – EXPLORERS SKYLAX, PYTHEAS, EUDOXUS, STRABON, PAUSANIAS, COSMAS the INDIKOPLEISTIS, HECATAEUS, had mapped the ENTIRE surface of the planet, because there is a danger that the Greeks will learn that ATLANTIS and the AMERICAN CONTINENT belonged administratively in DELPHI, while Asia belonged administratively to SARDIS, with the central coordinator being the APOLLONIAN Center of DELOS, to which the Transborean Greeks (Northern Siberia) sent as a token of recognition “every year, choice grain”, through the Greek ARIMASPAS and ISSIDONES and MASSAGESTAEof Central and Southern SIBERIA.The Greeks should not know that the Greek DOCTORS, GALENOS, CELSIUS, HERACLIDES, HEROPHILUS, PRAXAGORAS, AGNODIKIS, KTIRIAS, HIPPOCRATES, ERIVIOTIS, carried out “balancing electromagnetic fluids of the body” treatments by regulating the alkalinity and acidity of the organs. That they were making cures using “left-handed amino acids” (antibiotics) obtained from plants, fully knowing that only recently did molecular biology discover the action-reaction of left-handed amino acids (antibiotics) with right-handed amino acids (organism proteins).The Greeks must not learn that the symbols “LEFT-CROWNED SWASTIKA” and “RIGHT-CROWNED SWASTIKA” were SYMBOLS of PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS, by which the Greeks PYTHAGORAS and DEMOCRITUS and ARISTARCHOS expressed right-handed and left-handed nuclei of atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies and cosmic domains clusters of galaxies.2500 years ago HIPPOCRATES performed brain and heart surgery…Despite the almost non-existent means of his time, HIPPOCRATES performed difficult surgeries. He and his students successfully treated orthopedic, cardiac and basic surgery cases. HIPPOCRATES even performed operations on the human skull, as we read in several of his works… In addition to the operation itself, HIPPOCRATES attached great importance to the preparation of the patient and the operating room.In the work Kat’iatreion, he describes in detail how the patient should be prepared before the operation, how the tools are sterilized, how the space is shaped, but also how artificial and natural light is used during the operation…American archaeobotanists were able for the first time to study and analyze the contents of pills made by doctors in ancient Greece and which were discovered 20 years ago, in a Greek shipwreck off the coast of Tuscany…DNA analyzes showed that each pill was a mixture of at least ten different plant extracts, including hibiscus and celery. “For the first time, we now have physical evidence of what is contained in the writings of the ancient Greek physicians DIOSCORIDIS and GALENOS,” said ALLEN TWOWAY of the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION’s NATIONAL Museum of NATURAL HISTORY in WASHINGTON , according to New Scientist..Apostle ORPHEUS” ETYMOLOGY OF the NAME ROOT:ÁRISTOS ARKHḖ / ÁRKHŌ > ARÍSTARKHOSNATIVE NAME ROOT: GREEKÁRISTOS (ἌΡῘΣΤΟΣ) ARKHḖ (Ᾰ̓ΡΧΉ) ÁRKHŌ (ἌΡΧΩ) ARÍSTARKHOS (ἈΡΊΣΤΑΡΧΟΣ)MEANING: This name derives from the Ancient Greek name “Arístarkhos (Ἀρίσταρχος)”, composed of two elements: “áristos (ἄρῐστος)” (best, better, excellent, first-rate, thorough) plus “arkhḗ (ᾰ̓ρχή) árkhō (ἄρχω)” (beginning, origin, sovereignty, dominion, authority). In turn the name means “the perfect source, the right origin”. 1) Aristarchus of Samos (~310–230 BC) was an ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician who presented the first known model that placed the Sun at the center of the known universe with the Earth revolving around it. 2) Aristarchus of Samothrace (~220–143 BC) was a grammarian noted as the most influential of all scholars of Homeric poetry. He was the librarian of the library of Alexandria.LikeCommentShare

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