What is”Euphoriatric”?

The word is made up the prefix “ευ” meaning “well”, the verb “phoro” (“φορω” = I carry..i.e: metaphoric etc) and “iatric” (“ιατρικη”=medical)

The site is NOT Only about The Gastronomical Healthy Life but also the holistic way of living which includes the Following: Education, Culture, by Physical, Mental & Spiritual practices, as:(Gymnastics & Athletics), Philosophy, All Fine Arts(=:Sculpture, Architecture, Music, Poetry, Theater), Medicine, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Etymology,  (as a clue to analyze words & improve real historical facts),Literaure(=λογοτεχνία) and finally MYTHOLOGY, wich is COSMOLOGY, as well, contaning ALL the above , being One!!!!! So when parts of History, Mythology,  Language etc, are stolen, copied, ortwisted …..THEN ..Anyone with the basic intelligence, can obviously see that in faked stolen Historical facts, there`s NOT anyRELATIONSHIP orCONTINUITY, What EVER are arguing by media, or pseudohistorians, “scholars” etc, due to strategical, economical, profits, inferiority complex etc!

Lectures, Beauty, inspiration Sourses & Traveling is the main line of our mission in combination with our sugested remendies, training (both external & inner exercises – reverse breathing, meditation etc). All this knowledge & Information is NOT for commercial purposes!