Mastic 60%, Inulin 5%, Camu-camu 5%, MSM 10%, Sunseed Lecitine 5%, Allohe Vera 5% PROBIOFORM 10%; in Double as much destilled water volume.


1) MASTIC 8%,


3) 15%, ROYAL JELLY,.

4) 10%, Camu-camu

5) 5%, MSM 5%,

6) Sunflowerseed -Lecitine

7) 10%, Tahitian Vanilla poweder

 5%, Cold Pressed Coco`s oil

9) 15%, Manuka honey


10) 22%, Probioform 5%.

DIOSCORIDIS (1st century AD.) “Father of pharmacology”, PHYSICIAN and BOTANIST from CILICIA, had a PHARMACY for 35 years and classify drugs into 5 categories. His work “De Materia Medica” I did not overcome until the 16th century. DIOSCORIDIS praises the healing properties of Chios Mastic indicating that helps in cases of indigestion, the reproduction of blood in chronic cough, while acting as a sedative drug. It also found that chewing mastic than oral hygiene and gives pure and fresh breath. In another reference to the fact he speaks of a mastic, the essential oil of mastic, which as stated variously applied for diseases of the uterus, as mild heating, astringent and emollient agent. Chios Mastic (natural rubber)

· Chios MASTIC(Mastiha)

What is Mastiha? Mastiha is the natural and rare tree resin of the pistacia lentiscus var Chia tree. SCIENTIFIC research has shown that this resin has ANTI-OXIDANT, ANTI-BACTERIAL, and ANTIINFLAMMATORY qualities. It has been documented from antiquity for its HEALTH benefits, its use as the FIRST NATURAL CHEWING GUM and as a COOKING spice. Today, it is STILL chewed as well as used in PHARMACEUTICALS, COSMETICS, and in the CULINARY world. CHIOS MASTIHA contributes to a HEALTHY GASTROINTESTINAL system and has BENEFICIAL effects for BOTH oral hygiene and skin care. CHIOS Mastiha is PROTECTED by the European Union as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. This DISTINKTION RECOGNIZE the name of a SPECIFIC region or country where a SPECIFIC agricultural product originates exclusively due to the geographical environment. This includes the natural and human factors and production, alteration and processes which take place in the delineated geographical area. All PDO products bear the EU symbol designating them as such. Chewing Chios Mastiha is a TRULY UNIQUE experience. To create your own natural piece of gum, select a few medium pieces of the resin, or combine a small piece with a large one. The larger pieces tend to be softer than the small ones, so it is recommended that one chew a MIXTURE rather than chew only the small, hard pieces. BEFORE chewing, let the pieces moisten in your mouth. Mastiha may taste a bit bitter at first, but that taste fades into a light herbal flavor. Begin chewing and Mastiha becomes a WHITE SILKY COLOR . The resin keeps its hard texture indefinitely and this is precisely why it is recommended for GUM HEALTH and amazingly clean teeth! Keep chewing the gum for a HALF hour in order to gain all the therapeutic benefits. For more information on CHIOS Mastiha, click on the informational brochures below.:

Chios Mastiha Overview Chios Mastiha Medical and Scientific Reports Chios Mastiha Guide to Beauty Care.