The two snakes – actions that express our nervous system, formed inKHPYKEIO /KIRYKIO (=Messangers rod) The SYMBOL of HERMES κῆρυξΚΗΡΎΚΕΙΟ from the verb: κηρύσσω=I inform, I announce.

K I R Y K I O SYMBOL OR “CADUCEUS” Later in Latin & West later) OF HERMES or “MERCURY” LATER in LATIN)>>>>>>>>>>

HERMES once saw two snakes fighting and put the rod between them and wrapped them around it and stopped hostile. The name of Hermes etymolocaly means, “one who interprets”, (Eρμηνευτής – HERMENEUTIS = “performer. The performer is our mind, the logic that processes and knowledge, thus developing the consciousness and the evolutionary level of the divine.

The snake symbol adopted ASCLEPIUS and Hippocrates as a symbol, which apart from the body were doctors and doctors of the soul. The rod with which control the snake, is the power of authority and control over this energy, the body electromagnetism, which is disturbed. This can be translated as DNA in the sense of controling the rod to the spine, the genetic energy and of the lower instincts, the brute, who is as influential mentioned through the spinal cord like a snake runs along the spine, the and ancient Serpent called.So, like HERMES, reconciles these forces, and balancing the distribution of energy in the body occurs and healing, the mind admonishes and guides his passions.

HERCULES, from INFANT he managed to DROWN two snakes, that put under its control, to tame and dominate the forces that make us vulnerable and vulnerable, and became a demigod hero went to the CHAMPS ELYSEES ( “Ylisia pedia”Ηλυσια πεδια). Through this myth of HERCULES let it also leaked and that, as Pais of ZEUS, the possession of a power of the heavenly, not only dominate through the mind and intellectual contact with the Divine earthly, bodily instincts, but and implied a mission given.

The daughters of Asclepius  Ipioni: the Wife of  Asclepius. And this daughters:  HYGEIA(=Health), EGLI(=Glamour), IASO, AKES, Panacea. (Dictionary Suidas)  Ipioni was secondary deity Asclepius wife, daughter Merope personification of gentleness. It was deity with healing properties, mainly dealing with obstetrics.