What is it “EUPHORIATRIC”?


Taoism is China’s oldest philosophy and spiritual övningars systems. The energy that is when we are born from the earth, the stars and elements. Modern man has p. G., For some reason forgotten its place in nature, from there she will. We need to learn to take advantage of our legacy of nature, because we are her children and the way to follow the laws of nature is called the Tao.

The way to get to grips with our highest potential forces, by living in harmony with the natural order and energy is also called Tao. Life is a process by itself, similar to a dance. The body is integrated as a whole and all the body parts are connected and interacting with one another, exactly as the universe is integrated as a whole. Our existence depends on these unique forces that are around and within us. The way to live in this interaction with our internal and external environment is to breathe naturally, eat right, think clean, behave fairly and respectfully. It is the way to our optimal spiritual, mental, psychological and social development, then there is health, harmony and happiness of man. To find ourselves in balance, we must first understand the contrasts principle. (ATP) Life energy, called “Qi” in Chinese or “qi” Japanese, are involved from the beginning with us, even at the fetal stage in the umbilical cord and of the other bodies, but also in water, air, food and the universe.

The “Qi”, which we get from the mother earth is yin, while the sky is yang – Hot and cold, night and day, black and white, light and dark, good and evil, health and sickness, life and death … the same principle prevails in all. Without the cooperation of these contrasts, would not himself the universe exist. Just as the world structure is built on the principles of yin and yan is everything else. The same balance should be found even in the food, the acid and base balance is the critical biological factor, even for body, spirit and soul.

The body is a temple, where the idea is cultivated and spiritual forces is achieved. Balance must prevail in all our internal organs, the five elements balance through proper nutrition and positive thought. Our way of thinking is what determines how our lives will be. In this book, we will focus us on the food. According to the Taoists, the green leafy vegetables are the source of the richest food, because they have taken in the sunlight directly in their cells.

Hippocrates (460 f. Kr.), The father of medicine and physiology, among other things, advocating live food in balance with the four elements basically confirmed stubbornly, as was mentioned long before him, by Hesiod (Hellenisk poet, who wrote, among other things. A . “kosmogonia” = människlighe-tence and gods birth about 730 f.Kr.): “Noos hygiis a Somati hygies” = healthy mind in healthy body “. Living food diet consists of fresh berries, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, seaweed and herbs, combined with fermentation (mjölksyring) and germ cultivation. n today’s modern society, Live feed, which still life, has gone to excess, because there are no important knowledge, which deals precisely balance, taking into account the seasons and other factors.


The Tao of “Green Gourmet” (Edition 1993)

            By Constantin Schönros