Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, fresh or dried
ginger, olive oil, voted pine nuts, cashew nuts,
apple cider vinegar (2tsp, basil, Himalayan salt *.

Do this:
1) Put a 250gr. Dried tomatoes in boiling water, pull out the
pan directly on the cool place and let it stand for about a15min.
Meanwhile peel Man 4 cloves garlic, people vote about
200gr (together), in the analogy, you decide
character and taste, for example. pine seeds, the (any kind!)
dominate over other nuts (also wall nuts!)

2) Squeeze together the tomatoes and turn into food blender all

Olive oil (about 30dl) must be cold pressed: basil: 2tsp of
when dried or fresh 150gr.
NOTE! It is entirely a personal assessment of how much garlic
et al to be in!
Good Luck!

“The Tao of “Green Gourmet”
By Konstantin Schönros

”Green Gourmet Sallad”


Optimal Sallad of Green Gourmet

Ingrediens : Fresh sallad leaf , rucola. carots, parsley, coriands,
onions, green papaya, alfa-alfa sprouts, spring-nettles, cucumber,
tomatoes, oregano, ume-su vinager, Ungarian(eco) paprica, basilica,
ginger, lemon, shelled hemp-seeds, wallnuts, bee-pollen, cold pressed:
olive oil, sesame oil, pumpkin-seed oil & hemp-seed oil.(All are organic)

Non Dairy Roquefort Cheese


Ingredients (All organic):
A) Cashew nuts, pili-pili nuts, one L.of Coconut milk, one Dl.cocnut oil(Cold pressed), three Dl. of extra virgine olive oil, two Dl. umeshu vinegar, 1/2 table spoon fresh horseradish, 1/2 fresh ginger, 50 gr. fresh shitake mushrooms, one tea spoon oregano, four clovevs grated garlic, little chili.

B) one and a half cups of PROBIFORM juice, one table spoon pump seeds, one spoon of spirulina powder, two tea spoons of Maldon sea salt, one table spoon chia seed, one tsp.
of psylium seeds.

C) walnuts


1) First rinse in a colander the cashew & pilipli nuts. (500 Gr.).
Then let them be soaked into the coconut milk & the PROBIFORM for two days.
2) Put all ingredients of part A) into the food prcessor and let it go untill is very
3) Put half of it , as the FIRST layer on the baking paper.
4) After you finish ready in your blender with the ingr. of the number: B)., then you
add in form of stripes on the FIRST layer, together with the walnuts.
5) Cover with rest of nr.A).
Let it into the drying oven (37C.) for 14 hours..enjoy!