The Ultimate Raw Jam of “PIERIAS – Livs-Inspirations Källa”, Royal Jelly & Raw Lactosfree Yougurt


The Ultimate Raw Jam (Godji, Physallis, Hippophaes Aramoeides, Raw Manuka Honey, Manuka Berries, Ananas, Vanilla, Fresh Ginger, Lemon grated peel. “Benazir”=the Persian word for “Unique” – Saffron)  – ALL Organic

 ALL the above ingredients, as the rest of the recipes  below, are available

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(Dr.Emoto`s Hand Made Crystal Carafe…warming up at Max 39 Celcius) – Hippocrates Spirt…: -2 B Continued!!…This is the basic for making the Ultimate Godji – Saffron – Jam, by leting the Manuka & Godjii Berries AFTER the rest has been warmed up!!



The queen bee nutrition in the form of royal jelly results in a life is 5-8 years in comparison with the working bins 45-60 days.
Royal jelly includes:
Natural collagen
18 different enzymes
19 amino acids
Rich in pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)
Acetylcholine – a substance that helps in the transmission of nerve signals between cells of the body.
Vitamins / minerals and trace elements
Royal jelly is rich in proteins and contains natural collagen is a protein which builds up among others skin tissue. As we age, the skin’s ability to regenerate collagen, so royal jelly is an excellent addition for those who want to keep skin young, soft and smooth. Furthermore, royal jelly is rich in pantothenic acid which is beneficial for the skin, nails and hair growth.
Traditional use of royal jelly:
Contributes to healthy and young skin.
Supports hormonal balance, (infertility, PMS, menopause)
General tonic because of its rich nutritional content.
Supports the body when fatigue and lack of energy.
Traditionally, royal jelly used by Chinese women to promote feminiteten, to support hormone regulation and in menopausal symptoms, mood swings, PMS and menstrual pain. Royal jelly is was very well known in ancient Greece, particulary (at Asklipios schools, as: in Knidos, Ephessus, Alicarnassos, Thessaly & Kos. It was a very important ingredient, at various Therapeutic, Medical  Pharmacological remendies and Healings. It was also recommended by traditionally oriented Chinese doctors to promote fertility.
Source: VogelWild Raw Honey & Royal Jelly fram the Monastery of mountain province in Greece – wild bees & wild fauna flowerS.Limited production specialy “Pieria’s Livs-Inspirations Källa” 

Pierias Livs - Stockholm, Sverige

Wild Raw Honey & Royal Jelly fram the Monastery of Tricorrpon of Fokis Phovince – Limited production for Pieria’s Livs




One (1) DL. coconut milk.

50 gr. of cacao butter. (In a water bath, until the butter melts at 40°C).

Then along with Natural Vanilla, Pineapple, Goji berries & Strawberries (sufficient, and all must be organic)

Then put the milk into the blender. (preferably “Vitamix”).

When the `ready to put it in a glass Jarr by completing two (2) tablespoons” PROBIOFORM “. (Raw Manuka Honey can be ended if one so wish.)

Let the pretty warm, dark place for 24 hours.

Before moving it in the fridge – the end if you want it thicker Psyllium flakes (on TBS).