Green Gourmet – Load & run since 1993


Organic Ice Cream Pirogue from
..Hand made by Rose-Marie & Konstantin Schönros/ Green Gourmet since 1993 – 

The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream!

Gluten, Sou, dugar & milk
Made by folowing fermenterade organic ingredienses: PROBIOFORM, Pineapple, Mango, Goji, Seabuckthorn, Pomegranadeseeds,
Mastich of Chios, Manuka Raw honey./ The “bredd”: Dates & Hasselnuts ,(plus Raw cacao)
OBS! Eurything is made with spring water.

The two snakes – actions that express our nervous system, formed in the Caduceus of Mercury. Legend says that Mercury once saw two snakes fighting and put the rod between them and wrapped them around her and stopped hostile. The name of Hermes etymolocaly means, “one who interprets”, (Eρμηνευτής – Hermeneutis = “performer. The performer is our mind, the logic that processes and knowledge, thus developing the consciousness and the evolutionary level of the divine.
The snake symbol adopted Asclepius and Hippocrates as a symbol, which apart from the body were doctors and doctors of the soul. The rod with which control the snake, is the power of authority and control over this energy, the body electromagnetism, which is disturbed. This can be translated in the sense of koutalini snake control rod to the
spine, the energy of the lower instincts, the brute, who is as influential mentioned through the spinal cord like a snake runs along the spine, the and ancient Serpent called.

So, like Hermes, reconciles these forces, and balancing the distribution of energy in the body occurs and healing, the mind admonishes and guides his passions.
Hercules, from infancy he managed to drown two snakes, that put under its control, to tame and dominate the forces that make us vulnerable and vulnerable, and became a demigod hero went to the Champs Elysees ( “Ylisia pedia”Ηλυσια πεδια). Through this myth of Hercules, let it also leaked and that, as Pais of Zeus, the possession of a power of the heavenly, not only dominate through the mind and intellectual contact with the Divine earthly, bodily instincts, but and implied a mission given to him against the Offit Atlanteans, those we call Satan today.
www.euphoriatric,com/Hippocrates-Asclepius school – Aphorisms of Hippocrates

Green Gourmet`s LOAD & RUN” – (Tjärhovsgatan-Svenska Vegetariska Förening -1995-97) concept:

Smoothies (Eco – sugarfree)

Bar: Rawfood (energy soup & Konstantins inovation recipies)Striktly Hygienic & ONLY ecological raw foods in combination with Macrobiotic “Green Gourmet”- 1993 first edition of the compendium “The Tao of Green Gourmet”.

Teachings about nutrition, Green Gourmet`s philosophy, food & Kitchen secrets , QiGong, social behavior & Esthetic. But still is missing the knowledge from the Asklipios School (Est.1200 B.C.9, where Hippocrates has studied at 4thCentury B.C.), as a whole! magenetic, vibration, the four elements and other very important missing links if one is able to study (in ancient Greek – in Ionic & Doric dialects) Dioscouridis Farmacologist at the same period, as Hippocrates, Theofrastos etc.

Raw food à la cart & boufet                                                                                                                       Krister Knutars & Konstantin Photo:Uknown

Lemuria -84  -Nybrogatan   Östermalmstorg

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“Green Gourmet” (at Swedish Vegetarian Sociaty`s H.Q.)
Konstantin & Ewa Sangwal tasting Raw Pineapple & Cocos Ice cream Piroge at the office.- Autumn 1996 – Tjärhovsgatan – Södermalm/Stockholm

Allt om Mat 1996

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Fån Vänster: Petra, Konstantin, Rose-Marie, Patrick Wahlberg “Green Gourmet” 1995 at Swedish Vegetarian Society H.Q. Tjärhovsgatan Stockholm

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Till minnet av underbara pionjären inom “Grön festmat”mm Anna-Lisa Stenudd (nedre bild) styrelseledamot på Sv.V.F. & Hälsofrämjandet.

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Silk screens on eco – T-shirts in…1995!
Messages HAVE to be with Humor! works BETTER!
“CLOCK” doesn`t exist anymore, but Clock was an other scam by the time of 1995..- now the referee`s name is …replaced by… (gluteus)-MAX-(imus)!

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“Green Gourmet”

2B continued” !!!


….”Green Gourmet” (Raw Food – Restaurang – since1994 – 1997 at Tjärhovsgatan at Swedish Vegetarian Sociaty H.Q)..NOW: “Green Gourmet -2B continued” !!!)

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                  FERMENTED KALE CHIPS

1) 250 gr. Kale leaf.

,2) 200 gr. Fine Tahini.

3) 2 Table spoonsProbioform, Juiced out of 2 (two) freshly squeezed lemons, including one (1) grated lemon shell.

4) Half Red Onion (grated) 2 slices of pressed garlic and 2 teaspoons Butane Lemon Pepper “Sishuan”

5) 3 tablespoons umeshu-shiso vinegar & one dl. gluten-free Tamari.

6) 2 dl. “Beast” (cultivated yeast flakes).

       Do this:

First, mix the ingredients from 2an, 3an, 4an and 5an, in a bowl.

Then you put in the kale leaves, “massage” them and let the leaves absorb for at least 15 minutes.

Last you put in “Bjästen”!

Flatten out on baking paper and into the drying cabinet (at 38 ° C) for about 12 hours.

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Anton & Monika Gutenberg
Curriculum led by Konstantin (arranged by Hälsofrämjaren & Svenska Veg. Föreningen – summer -97)

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